veloSTRAIL permits safe and easy crossing of the street.

At level crossings the flange groove – which needs to be kept free for the wheel flange of the wheelset – poses a certain danger to cyclists, wheelchair users, pedestrians etc. Another problem is ice formation in the flange groove during winter.

For these cases STRAIL has added the version veloSTRAIL to its line. veloSTRAIL unfolds its benefits especially in those areas where cyclists, wheelchair users, inline-skaters, baby carriages, as well as trolley bags should be able to cross a level crossing safely and easily. An easily replaceable flangeway element, which is fit in without removing the inner panel, closes the flange groove.

As for maintenance, veloSTRAIL is very cost-effective > only very short, partial closing periods are required to exchange the replaceable flangeway element. This does not require any tools and only minimal manpower.


veloSTRAIL – eliminating the flange groove.

veloSTRAIL consists of 600 mm wide inner panels and a new way of connecting the panel with the interchangeable part (“Click System” > without the use of any adhesive). With the help of our integrated lock tight system, the panels are secured into a gap-free package.

A smooth transition between the elements without any abutting edges, as well as an additional locking mechanism under the rail head makes driving over the crossing very comfortable. During winter months the flange groove no longer needs to be kept free from snow and ice.

  • extremely safe crossing for cyclists, wheelchair users, inline-skaters, baby carriages and trolley bags
  • veloSTRAIL inner panels are available in 600 mm and 1,200 mm and are designed for train speeds up to a maximum of 120 km/h.
  • excellent compression of “flange groove”, even at very low temperatures (tested down to – 25 °C) coupled with high load capacity in road direction for safe crossing of individual users.

Lifetime of the veloSTRAIL interchangeable parts: When correctly installed at least one million axle crossings or two years, depending on which event occurs first. Formation of a groove in the area of the wheel flange is normal and does not cause reason for concern!

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veloSTRAIL – elimantes the flange groove.

veloSTRAIL consists of vulcanised, precisely matched rubber compounds which have different characteristics. Several shifting protection elements, integrated in all directions, ensure high position stability.

  • veloSTRAIL replaceable flangeway element for train speeds up to a maximum of 120 km/h – ask us for the test report.
  • Safe connection of the replaceable flangeway element with the veloSTRAIL inner panel through multiple integrated shifting protection.