innoSTRAIL, the high-strength and durable covering for level crossings.

We recommend using innoSTRAIL for level crossings with medium to high traffic volume (> depending on the track structure). Compared to STRAILĀ®, this system – which is independent of sleeper spacing -is made up of bigger, 900 mm wide inner and outerpanels, featuring a textile enforced tongue and groove area.

innoSTRAIL – connecting street and rail


innoSTRAIL, the particularly economical system.

innoSTRAIL is a high-strength and durable covering for level crossings, which can be manufactured veryeconomically due to the larger panel measurements. The system also does not require the use of filler blocks. The system, consisting of full depth rubber panels, has an integrated, narrow flange groove and is connected to form a complete package using the lock tight system. innoSTRAIL can be delivered suitable for any tracksuperstructure.The system thus combines cost advantages with a wide range of applications.

  • price advantageous system
  • independent of sleeper spacing


innoSTRAIL – the highly economical system.

  1. innoSTRAIL inner panel 900 mm wide, for 1,435 mm gauge (deliverable for all common gauges)
  2. innoSTRAIL outer panel 900 mm wide, distance from outer side of rail > T-kerbstone: 713mm
  3. innoSTRAIL lock tight system (see page 7) > all parts heat treated steel and galvanised / rolled thread
  4. innoSTRAIL road connection > version with 713 mm outer panel, kerbstone and prefabricated concrete subbase
  5. T-kerbstone made of high-strength concrete C 70/85 (1,800 mm or 900 mm), special mortar and prefabricated concrete subbase 1,500 mm
  6. tongue-groove connection > textile reinforced

In case of special types, an outer panel – distance from outer side of rail / T-kerbstone: 591 mm -can be delivered (e.g. for short sleepers, concrete longitudinal beams).innoSTRAIL road connection: version without T-kerbstone with short outer panel for distance from outer side of rail / road connection: 591 mm.