pedeSTRAIL, a high-strength and durable covering.

We have developed pedeSTRAIL specifically for pedestrian and cyclist crossings, railroad stations, stops, depots and industrial plants. Due to caverns on their underside these 900 mm panels remain light and easy to handle, despite their size. pedeSTRAIL – a system, which is independent of sleeper spacing – has an integrated, narrow flange groove, which in particular benefits pedestrians, cyclists, as well as people using baby carriages or wheelchairs.


pedeSTRAIL, the safe crossing for pedestrians and cyclists.

The surface, which has been specifically developed to suit the needs and requirements of pedestrians and cyclists, ensures a safe and comfortable use of the crossing.

The modular system is available for all rail and sleeper types. It comprises individual full depth rubber panels, which are connected to a package by our look tight system.

Due to the light panel units assembly time during installation and removal is kept to a minimum, which leads to simple and cost-effective installations, as well as track maintenance.

  • cost-effective
  • very easy installation and removal
  • particularly long service life
  • narrow flange groove

3 | DATA

pedeSTRAIL, the safe crossing for pedestrians and cyclists.

  • pedeSTRAIL inner panel 900 mm wide, for 1,435 mm gauge (deliverable for all common gauges)
  • pedeSTRAIL short outer panel 900 mm wide: distance from outer side of rail > road connection: 591 mm (version without T-kerbstone)
  • pedeSTRAIL lock tight system. All parts heat treated steel and galvanised / rolled thread
  • pedeSTRAIL road connection > version with long outer panel: distance from outer side of rail > road connection: 713 mm (version with T-kerbstone)
  • In case of special types, an outer panel – distance from outer side of rail / T-kerbstone: 591 mm –
    can be delivered (e.g. for short sleepers, concrete longitudinal beams).